The Perfect Formal Wedding Ceremony

This is Gust’s flagship package to create the perfect wedding day you desire. It includes crafting Your Love Story, a customized wedding script, a dedicated rehearsal, and all the planning necessary to create your unique wedding celebration. Much of the planning and scripting is conveniently provided through unlimited phone and Internet communication.

The Simply Perfect Wedding Ceremony

This ceremony package includes a one hour, in person wedding consultation with tips and professional suggestions, crafting Your Love Story, a customized wedding script, and unlimited phone and Internet planning to plan and create a unique wedding ceremony that reflects your personalities and values. No rehearsal is included.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Typically, a Vow Renewal Ceremony involves a few close friends and family members and is a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary or just revisit your special exchange of vows again. No rehearsal is included and no special instruction is required. It does however include unlimited phone and Internet conversations.

Premarital Coaching

Premarital Coaching is a proven method of strengthening relationships and the marriages that follow. This is a wise investment for any couple thinking about getting engaged or are currently engaged. Gust’s 40+ years of teaching and coaching experience helps prepare you in advance for issues like personality conflicts, kids, finances, and more.