Considering the amount of planning and preparation that goes into your wedding, the value of planning for your marriage itself becomes self evident. It shouldn’t be surprising that couples who engage in some form of pre-marriage education fare significantly better than those who don’t. They are happier, more stable, and significantly more likely to stay married.

Premarital coaching is not required for Gust to officiate your wedding ceremony, but it is strongly encouraged. Life gets tough at times. Relationships can be challenged and stressed. But entering marriage with the effective tools coaching provides will make you stronger and draw you closer together.

Gust’s more standardized approach to coaching provides you with 4 one hour sessions to address the basics common to all relationships, but the coaching sessions can be customized to your exact needs.

These are fun and interactive sessions that participants have consistently enjoyed, benefited from, and responded to by stating they learned a lot about each other and are glad they made this worthwhile investment in their relationship.