It’s about preparation. The mechanics like crafting Your Love Story, preparing a customized wedding script, unlimited telephone and Internet communication and planning sessions, and especially the rehearsal, are all focused on maximizing the experience everyone will enjoy on your wedding day. This service makes that a reality.

It also alleviates the anxiety, stress, and wedding day jitters that you so want to avoid.

The rehearsal is vitally important for a number of reasons. Running through the ceremony to make sure everyone knows their part, that it’s well choreographed with smooth transitions, and that the script is practiced, produces confidence, calmness, and a sense of fresh exhilaration on your wedding day. Even the parts that don’t go exactly as planned, and every wedding has them, are met with laughter and add to the excitement and memories.

Your rehearsal should be expected to last about 45 minutes, approximately twice as long as the ceremony itself. This works amazingly well to put the perfect in your perfect wedding. Because of the importance of this rehearsal, Gust never has and never will use a “stand in” for the rehearsal. He will conduct your rehearsal personally.

Formal Ceremony Price: $425.00
ForeverTwogether tries to keep standard rates though our pricing varies slightly depending on date, time, location and whether or not a
professional rehearsal is desired.

Gust’s Promise to You

Gust’s Promise to You

  • I will always treat the bride, groom, their families and guests with utmost respect
  • I will maintain a policy of strict confidentiality in assisting couples with their wedding plans
  • I will customize and tailor each wedding ceremony
  • I will go the extra mile to obtain your satisfaction in my preparation and presentation
  • I will always present myself in a professional manner
  • I will scrupulously follow the policies of the properties where the wedding is to be held