What's a wedding officiant?

It is somewhat surprising to discover that there are people who do not know or understand what a wedding officiant does. You can call me whatever you want: wedding minister, wedding clergy, wedding official, wedding officiate, ceremony officiant, celebrant, that guy who marries people, officiant dude-anything. That is okay. It is more important that you know what I can do for you.

My number one purpose is to serve you and make sure that your wedding ceremony fits you perfectly! Scripting, reviewing until you approve the words-then it is up to me to present them on your wedding day in a professional manner. I love my job!

Do you have any restrictions or rules for photographers/videographers?

I have only one request. Please do not embarrass the bride and groom. Other than that, it is wide open. The way I see it is that you are spending a great deal of money to capture these memories, so who am I to set restrictions? This practice makes me one of the more popular officiants with many professional photographers in the West Michigan.

Do you overbook your day?

I am very proud of the fact that I have never been late to a wedding! That is not true of all officiants. If they have just one wedding that starts or runs late, the other weddings that the officiant has scheduled for that day suffer greatly. In order to make sure that does not happen, I plan my schedule around each couple's needs. Therefore, I arrive approximately 30-45 minutes early and I have never been late for a wedding celebration.

I'm paying for a "package" that includes everything, but we are unhappy with the officiant they provide (preferred vendors list). Can we still use your services?

Of course, as your ceremony is the main focus of your day, you should find an officiant who will be a direct reflection of the two of you, and who allows you to be creative in the ceremony process, rather than someone a company has made an arrangement with. I neither contract with a third party nor do we become part of any "package" or rate. I work directly with each couple to avoid any misunderstandings or leave the impression that we are part of a group.

Are you certified to perform ceremonies?

Yes, I am a trained professional in my field and have advanced degree's that qualify me to officiate weddings. I am not a "mail order" officiant. Do not let the word "Certified" or "Licensed" give you peace of mind with respect to your choice of officiant. Here is a scary thing: Did you know that by simply going online you can get ordained/certified and by paying $150 you receive a legitimate certificate? Here is one better: You can get your brother, mother, your own child or whomever else ordained! You can actually ordain someone else without them knowing!! Being certified and having a religious title (you get to choose the title you want when you order online) does not automatically mean experienced.

Remember that your wedding ceremony is the reason everyone will gather and you want to make sure the person performing your ceremony is experienced and will present your words in a professional and caring manner. I have worked hard to build a strong history of professional service since my first wedding ceremony in 1974.

Do you attend the reception?

Ninety five percent of the time, no. Truth be told, the only two people I will know at the reception will be the two of you. Also, after the ceremony and during the reception, the two of you are rather busy (LOL). Finding the right table at which to seat the officiant is also difficult since your guests have no idea who we are and how to converse with me. I would prefer that you take the per-head charge for me, and enjoy having a nice lunch during your honeymoon!

NOTE: Remember this as you interview officiants, because some require that their spouse attend as well and you need to consider this for your budget and head count.

What about references?

Presently ForeverTwogether is serving over one hundred venues and are listed as a professional vendor with some of the most popular destination wedding locations. We can provide you with recommendations from couples as well as vendors that will tell you of their experiences with our services. Please contact our office to receive them. We only know of one limitation that we have. Although some may feel we have a direct connection with the higher being, we cannot do much to insure that the weather on your wedding day will be picture perfect:)

What do you charge?

Fees for my wedding officiating and consulting services generally range from $300 to $700. I take pride in the fact that I earned the privilege to legally officiate weddings in 48 states by studying at Grace Seminary in Warsaw, Indiana.

What's your mailing address?

Attention: Gust Bassianotis
876 Andover Court SE Kentwood Mi 49508
Be sure to make all payments payable to: Gust Bassianotis