This agreement, made between ForeverTwogether (known in this contract as) “the Officiant” and the bride and groom (signed hereon this form as typed names) “the Couple” is for the purpose of retaining Gust Bassianotis to perform a wedding or vow renewal ceremony on the Couple’s behalf.

  1. Officiant agrees to provide wedding or vow renewal services to the Couple on the date, time and location of ceremony listed within this agreement.
  2. The Couple agrees to supply detailed directions to location at least 2 (two) weeks prior to set date. Information may be provided via email, or sent in written form via the postal services.
  3. Fees for services are as follows:
    • Perfect Formal Wedding Ceremony: Priced as agreed
    • Simple Perfect Wedding Ceremony: $350 – $500 as quoted
    • Vow Renewal Ceremony: $275 – $400 as quoted
    • Premarital Coaching: $75 per one hour session
    • Travel: $1 per mile plus any parking fees
  4. A non-refundable deposit of $150 must be paid before the wedding date is confirmed on the Officiant’s schedule.
  5. The balance of the selected service will be due 3 (three) weeks before the specified wedding date. Failure to pay the selected service amount, in full when due, will release the Officiant from providing any services to the Couple under this Agreement.
  6. Officiant agrees to be available to the Couple to provide support and guidance during the preparation and planning stages, (if not in person, then by email or phone) until the conclusion of the ceremony is reached. In the same way, the Couple agrees to be available to the Officiant for whatever purpose deemed necessary for the completion of the written ceremony.
  7. The Couple may piece together a ceremony of their liking, using samples OR write their ceremony completely on their own and/or the Couple may write just their vows if wished. The Officiant retains the right to edit the ceremony in case of redundancy and/or inappropriate wording. The Couple agrees to have chosen wording to the Officiant no later than 3 (three) weeks prior to the service.
  8. Officiant agrees to perform the ceremony in a professional and respectful manner, in accordance with the ceremony planned by the Couple.
  9. The Couple agrees to acknowledge the services being provided by the Officiant, in a dignified and respectful manner and if there is any discrepancy regarding services of Officiant, the Couple must submit a full report to ForeverTwogether immediately in order that the parties involved can reach a resolution.
  10. In the unlikely event that the Officiant is unable to perform the ceremony for whatever reason, the Officiant will contact one (1) associate with ForeverTwogether or another qualified substitute replacement. In the unlikely event that a replacement cannot be found, then ForeverTwogether will make a full refund of any deposit paid by the Couple; however, the Couple agrees that the refund will be the full extent of damages they are entitled to and no further damages may be sought against the Officiant or any persons affiliated with ForeverTwogether.
  11. Once the Couples’ scheduled wedding date and time, and the Couples’ rehearsal date and time, if applicable, is established under this contract, it may not be changed except under terms outlined below. Changes must also be mutually agreed due to potential conflicts in the Officiant’s schedule at the time of requested change(s).
  12. This contract will guarantee the Officiant’s availability for the Couples’ wedding date and time; thus preventing the Officiant from booking another wedding at the same date and time. If for any reason, a decision is made not to use the services of the Officiant after retainment by deposit, the Couple must inform the Officiant, in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to the wedding date in order to release the Couple from this contract. If the Couple fails to provide such notice, the Couple agrees to be responsible for one half of the Officiant’s balance due, of the select service.
  13. If, for any reason, the wedding is cancelled less than seven (7) days before the contract ceremony date, the Couple agrees to be responsible for the Officiant’s full agreed upon balance due as agreed upon from the select service herein.
  14. Unless otherwise agreed or notified in writing, the Couple grants the Officiant rights to use photos and/or video of the ceremony for promotional purposes and publication.
  15. This contract, once signed, is considered by all parties within to be legal and binding in accordance with the conditions set forth herein, and all shall abide by the agreed upon terms.

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  • This contract, once digitally signed (by typing bride and/or groom name and submitting), is considered by all parties within to be legal and binding in accordance with the conditions set forth herein, and all shall abide by the agreed upon terms.
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