Formal Wedding Ceremony

The Perfect Formal Wedding Ceremony

Medium or larger wedding ceremonies should have a dedicated rehearsal session on a day prior to the wedding, especially those ceremonies including large bridal parties. Rehearsal time is approximately 35 minutes during which I personally assist you to handle transitions and recommend steps to provide a smooth ceremony. I will also help you to write your customized ceremony script, and am available for unlimited phone and Internet communication. I have never been late to a wedding in 30 years and get there prepared to present your wedding ceremony in a professional way. 

Your ceremony should use a maximum use of choreography and smooth transitions to present a ceremony that you and they deserve. You are not responsible to know how to do this. It is your officiant's responsibility to gently and carefully lead you during your rehearsal. Your ceremony should at all times be visually impressive and engaging presented in a professional manner by all who are participating. Your guests will applaud the uniqueness of the wording of your ceremony rather than rigidly duplicating for them every wedding they've already seen. Elegance, style and class together with a ceremony that tugged on their hearts will make your wedding day unforgettable.

After preforming hundreds of ceremonies I have learned that what your guests see will far outweigh what they hear. It follows then that 'story telling', as when I attempt to explain the meaning of love of your love, or share a story from your past which demonstrates how much you care about each other, will fall far short as a means of conveying what the day truly means to you.

Only I perform my rehearsals. I never have and never will send a stand-in to rehearse for me. My rehearsal sessions average 35 minutes in length, which is approximately twice as long as the acutual ceremony. Half of that time is spent showing everyone their roles and how to perform them. The other half is spent in coaching them, encouraging them, yes, calming them.

My experience will allow each participant to feel confident and sure of themselves and will allow you to be calm, upbeat and at your best for your wedding day.


$425.00 plus travel cost of $1.00 per mile from Grand Rapids Michigan
*Includes your rehearsal.