West Michigan Wedding Officiant & Relationship Coach

Kostandino Gust Bassianotis is one of the most sought after wedding officiants in West Michigan. He is the preferred vendor for the most desired wedding locations in West Michigan. Most importantly, he is the ideal choice for your wedding. When you meet him, you’ll quickly discover why.

You may already be aware of his reviews, credentials, hundreds of weddings spanning more than 40 years experience, and a long list of other accolades. Those are great reasons to choose Gust but there’s much more to him than that.

Gust is a man who was created to be a wedding officiant. He genuinely loves people and loves what he does. He loves discovering Your Love Story so he can incorporate it into your unique and personalized wedding ceremony. He enjoys helping you create what you most desire for your wedding—a perfect, memorable, celebration that you, your wedding party, and your guests will truly enjoy.

Gust is also highly flexible. This is your wedding. His skill includes making it uniquely you with as much or as little guidance from him that you need. He also has an innate ability to help the process be less stressful for you. By the time your wedding day arrives, you’ll feel like you’ve known each other for years. Your wedding guests get the same impression.

Contact Gust for your own free consultation. You’ll quickly discover his gift for “connecting” with couples and assuring you he is your ideal choice for a wedding officiant. Best of all, it doesn’t end with your wedding day. You will have gained a new friend who truly appreciates the honor of being such an important part of your special celebration.